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Orchard Walks

With over 100 acres of orchard and grassland,
we have the perfect location to take a walk and enjoy the most picturesque scenery. 

The orchard looks very different according to the season.  Each season brings something unique and special and we love them all!

In spring, the lush green promise of the new season bounds into life with a wonderful display of blossom.  This is a beautiful time to catch the orchards with a crisp freshness in the air.

During blossom, you will have a full sensory experience.  When the orchards are in full bloom, they are filled with the aroma of apple blossom and are maybe more picturesque than any other time of year. (Unfortunately, we cannot predict the exact dates that the blossom will be present.)

In summer, the orchard is beautiful, with apples beginning to grow on the trees.  An orchard walk is perfect to while away the balmy evenings.

With autumn comes the harvest, the busiest time in the orchards which are full of apples.   Harvest season is a treat for the senses – it promises a kaleidoscope of colour and the smell of over 30 varieties of fresh apples fills the air. The autumnal sun shining through the trees is a beautiful and memorable experience.  We often pause to enjoy it too.

Winter is quiet and as the trees lose their leaves they take on an mystical appearance. The still beauty of a frosty winter’s morning is really very special.

Why not call over and take a wee dander!

The orchards are available to browse for all visitors on a tour or customers to our shop.
Ballinteggart is a working farm so please ask the shop staff which areas are open or not open to visitors that day.

Just don’t take our word for it!

One of the best experiences on the Island! Thank you
Gita Kamal
Very interesting and yummy visit. Thank you
The Hood Family
What a wonderful place!
Gisela Buckmaster